Columbia daily Tribune: Driftwood Outdoors: RV camping is great fun with added convenience

In the Columbia Daily Tribune of May 24th:

My greatest purchase of all time was a 1972 Scotty Sportsman 16 foot travel trailer. My cousin and I picked it up out of a farmer’s yard for $500 bucks. We were in college at the time and this sweet piece of Americana became our hunting camp. We called her Delilah Jones.

I don’t remember life without a camper. In fact, a story my parents tell that I have no recollection of, is how when I was just three-years-old a neighbor kid and I hid in my parent’s small camper. While the adults frantically looked for us, we kept quiet causing the sort of emotional stir I can now only imagine as a parent myself.

Click here for the full article on the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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